Classy Holiday House in a calm historic old town available for rent

Your accommodation with all modern amenities surrounded by nature, water and the sights of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

kitchen area ground floor holiday home in Buetzow

Enjoy a few wonderful, relaxing days in Bützow: our bright designer house, which was built in ca.1870 by the old city wall, will become your new home.

The house was refurbished in 2022 using antique as well as modern organic construction materials that largely correspond with the historic ways of building. Despite its age, the house is, therefore, well insulated for year-round use.

High-end facilities include energy-saving district heating, induction hob, washing machine, dryer, and high-speed Wi-Fi. The entire equipment and furnishings are of high quality, with the Miele and Liebherr built-in kitchen appliances. 

Parking is available directly in front of the house.

The backyard is just as beautiful as it is indoors: you can spend your leisure time simply enjoying the peace or dining on the sunny southwest-facing terrace.

Feel free to bring along your four-legged friends, who’ll feel just as comfortable in this house as you do. The garden is entirely fenced.

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2,000 kilometres coastline along the Baltic Sea, 2,000 lakes, 2,000 castles, manor and stately homes – the holiday state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is full of superlatives. And yet it’s mainly the myriads of small idyllic spots, the quiet life far away from the hectic moments of your daily routine, not to mention the friendly locals who feel connected with their home that have Mecklenburg-Vorpommern get under your skin. Under ours, too.

Bützow is not the hub of the world, of course, but it is a bit like the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern en miniature, and with good accessibility at that, for example from Hamburg and Berlin. You don’t even need a car if you don’t want one: with a maximum of one stop for changing and often also directly, the train stops practically in front of the doorstep. Come on in – welcome!

Browse through the German holiday magazine “Mecklenburgs Mitte, you’re bound to find many good suggestions for activities during your stay here.

Mecklenburg doesn’t just have a magnificent Baltic coastline, it also has fascinating water landscapes further inland. As a guest of our holiday home, you reach Bützow Lake on foot, the Wallgraben ditch by the former city wall flows directly along the house. Numerous attractive lakes and rivers in close proximity are ideal for boating, swimming, fishing and hiking. Nearly all the lakes in Bützow region have natural swimming spots that show good water quality; Rühner Lake even provides a pool with full amenities.

  • It takes just a few minutes to walk to Bützow Lake. Small garden paths lead to a lookout point here – there are swimming spots at the campsite and by the canoeing club, where you can rent canoes, kayaks and paddleboats (the canoeing club is open year-round, canoe camping with shuttle service).
  • Bützow lies on various canoeing routes, which are of course linked to the Warnow – this beautiful river, which is known mainly because it flows through Warnemünde, is a natural paradise through and through. In a large nature reserve around the Warnow transverse valley, you can follow the river’s course on countless hiking trails as you meander through the hilly landscape that is shaped by the Ice Age.
  • The Warnow riverbank and Bützow’s old harbour are also within easy reach, taking just a few minutes on foot to get there. The pleasure boat Warnowlöper departs from the old harbour. Fishing is also an option here, and there’s a great café / ice cream parlour.
  • The beautiful public bathing beach, which is open during the warm months, is only a few minutes away by car.

Within a few kilometres, the area also boasts a number of unspoilt lakes with magnificent nature.

Holidays in Bützow – these are holidays in a small town with a wealth of history. And this is reflected beautifully in the architecture of the old part of town. That’s why it’s worth walking through almost any of the streets, most of which are cobblestoned, in the small area of this historic district. Perfectly refurbished half-timbered houses intersperse with “crumbling charm” and old, impressive churches; the castle dating back to the 13th century, which acquired its current appearance in 1910, is located not far from a few ruins. The Bützow town hall in Tudor gothic style is a real eyecatcher.

The surrounding places are mainly little villages where half-timbered buildings have been preserved along with beautiful churches. Inns almost everywhere offer the chance of stopping for a break.

One special place to visit is the Kloster Rühn monastery along with the catering services it provides. Take a look at the website to see whether you perhaps want to join one of the many cultural events it offers.

The town Güstrow is located not far from your holiday home in Bützow, and its architecture and flair are definitely worth a visit. Since mid-January 2023, Güstrow has even become a recognised tourism spot – so a lot is also taking shape in the back country of the Baltic Sea. Ernst Barlach’s famous sculpture “Schwebender Engel” (Floating Angel) in the town’s cathedral is considered – much like the Barlach museums – one of northern Germany’s major cultural treasures. 

A whole lot smaller, but no less beautiful is Krakow am See, which translates as Krakow by the lake – but should really be called by the three lakes. It, too, is worth an excursion in the Mecklenburg Lake District.

For details on architectural attractions, please refer to the respective flyers about the Bützow region.

Bützow is a small town with 8,000 inhabitants – it is large enough to offer you all that’s needed to live in a holiday home and small enough to afford residents a comforting atmosphere. And yet, often enough, you also want to get to know a new city when you’re on the road.

Not one, but two exceptionally beautiful alternatives are worth considering when holidaying in Bützow – the harbour metropolis Rostock and the state capital Schwerin, both taking less than an hour’s drive to travel to.

The bustling Rostock offers everything that characterises a large city, yet what makes it so special is the triad of exciting architecture, the youthful zest of a university city and the location by the seaside. Well, at least by the Warnow river, which flows into the Baltic Sea in nearby Warnemünde. It’s only a few moments’ walk from the shops in the city centre to the harbour with restaurants and cafés of all shapes and sizes.

Schwerin has a different feel altogether: even just the castle, situated on an island and the seat of the state parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern today, is worth a visit. At every turn, you witness that Schwerin was a residential city, with numerous representative, classicist buildings nearly seeming to be a backdrop to a film scene when you arrive from the lush greens of rural Mecklenburg.

Bützow and the Bützow countryside offer a variety of cycling and hiking trails. Most of the minor and major sights in the area are easily reached by bike. The paths almost always lead through beautiful nature: woods, fields, lake and river landscapes, interrupted only by small villages. We also offer two bicycles for short trips nearby.

For details please refer to the flyers of the town and region Bützow.

All of Mecklenburg is a rider’s paradise, there are plenty of horses and ponies as well as an array of beautiful paths that you can discover on horseback, also in the area around Bützow.

The Ganschow stud located close to Güstrow is one of the best-known studs in Mecklenburg, but there are also many small farmsteads, horse breeding farms and riding schools.

Recommended riding schools include:

Equine shelters for your own horses are available in the area, too – feel free to ask one of the farms for recommendations.

Bützow and its surroundings offer families a great deal of destinations for outings: the miniature toy town in Bützow, museums in Bützow and the vicinity, country pubs in cottage gardens or refurbished old manor houses, the wildlife park MV in Güstrow. Or visit the beautiful, large playground laid out close to the castle and directly by the water.

You’ll again find more details and suggestions in the city of Bützow’s flyers; for destinations in the surrounding towns, cities and regions, you’ll find further information on the respective tourism portals online.

Buetzow surrounding area (c Stadt Bützow)
Buetzow City Centre (c Stadt Bützow)